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About me

Espresso-fueled Jan
At 16, I started my first web design business. I remember teasing questions from “well-established” (i.e. boring) local entrepreneurs, who asked me if I cycled to meetings. Well, yes I did. I was going green before it was trendy. Corporate Social Responsibility and so on.

Since then, I’ve doubled down on everything the world wide web™ has to offer and enjoy building digital products. I’m hoping one day I’ll find the time to collect everything I ever published in one archive, but until then this website shall suffice.

Originally from Mainz, Germany, I now live in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.

What’s great about Edinburgh? The people you meet and places you visit immediately make you feel like home. Edinburgh is constantly in flux. Unlike many other cities, Edinburgh still has so many spaces where you can experiment with new ideas. People here embrace curiosity and creativity and approach new stuff without prejudice.

I spent many years advising DTC companies and B2B brands in the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe. After a stop as a Product Manager in online beer retail, I currently focus on looking after our little one and building an eCommerce business.

When I’m not adding bytes to the interwebs, you’re likely to find me playing with our little one or hanging out at the nearest coffee machine. Away from screens, I’m interested in magazines, typography, photography and writing.

I’ve been playing football since I learned how to stand on two feet and recently got into tennis, but I’m definitely no Boris Becker. On top of that, long seaside and forest walks are keeping me active.

I hope you’ll discover entertaining bits and pieces, gathered from the shoals of the world wide web.

Feel free to get in touch!

Cheers and enjoy reading